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Japan UX Research Specialist

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I help global companies create experiences that resonate with Japanese users.

Originally from Australia, I have been living in Japan for the last 10 years and have worked in user experience at some of Japan’s top tech companies. With insight into the Japanese tech market and extensive experience conducting UX research in Japanese with local users, I can help you successfully launch your product in Japan.

About Me

Great UX shouldn't get lost in translation

Get expert help in testing, localizing and launching your product in Japan

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Japan Market Research

Get help conducting qualitative and quantitative market research in Japan to gain local insights and successfully launch your product in Japan.

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UX Research

Gain insight into the needs and lifestyles of Japanese users.

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Japan Research Facility Rental

Find the perfect research facility to conduct your market or UX research in Japan

Speciality Services

User Interviews

Learn about your Japanese target users and test your hypotheses. I can recruit local users, conduct interviews in Japanese and provide English results.

Usability Testing

Test your localized product with Japanese users. I can facilitate online or in person usability testing in Japanese and provide English suggestions for product teams.

Concept Testing

Not sure if your product would be a fit for Japanese users? I can get you real insights through concept testing with local users.

User Recruiting

Need to find Japanese participants for your research study? With access to Japan's top research panels, I can help you find the right users for your study.

Client Testimonials

"Japan is a tough market to conduct research in, but working with Maxwell makes it seem quite straightforward to me. We work to tight deadlines and the landscape of what we need to learn can shift quickly - so I appreciate how Maxwell can turn things around at short notice without sacrificing quality, from recruitment through to transcription and playback. The speed, agility and overall lack of friction makes for a great experience learning about Japanese users."
Tom Lilley, frog Design (UK)
"Working with Maxwell was much more comfortable and efficient than working with an agency. He can fit into any type of project very well and was flexible when we needed to make quick changes. He is easy to communicate with, and his reports were very clear and focused on the insights that we needed to help our product succeed in Japan."
Fenke Fros, Senior Product Designer, Fintech Company (UK)
"Maxwell is a passionate and experienced UX researcher. He is an explorer of new concepts and incorporates his previous experience into new projects. His patience makes it easy to discuss with him and solve problems. With Maxwell’s insight into Japanese users, and his own life experience in Japan, we were able to understand local users better."
Yvette Yi, Researcher at Tencent (China)

Selected Clients

Case Studies

Japan UX Research Case Studies

Your guide to launching in Japan

Fluent in English, Japanese and Korean, I can help you overcome the cultural and language barriers to successfully launch your product in Japan.

Experience at Japan's Top Tech Companies

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