Maxwell Forrest
Japan UX Research Specialist

I empower global companies to create experiences that resonate with Japanese users

Maxwell Forrest

Originally from Sydney, Australia, I moved to Japan in 2011 in order to research and develop a VR learning platform at Keio University in Tokyo. During this time, I worked as a consultant for Apple in Japanese electronics retailers Yodobashi Camera and Bic Camera. These experiences gave me a strong interest in understanding how people use technology, and how good user experiences can change people's lives.

Since then, I have studied UX and UX Research at the Interaction Design Foundation, and worked at Japanese tech companies such as LINE, one of Asia's top messaging apps, and Mercari, Japan's top selling app. These experiences made me realize that user experience is not one size fits all - and that tailoring user experiences to the expectations and needs of local users is essential for success.

I currently work as a UX Researcher at Toyota's Woven City - a prototype city of the future being built at the bottom of Mt. Fuji.

In my free time, I volunteer as the Japan Country Manager for the Interaction Design Foundation. I hold regular events, including UX study groups and workshops for Tokyo UX Meetup and IDF Tokyo to increase awareness about UX and User Research in Japan. I also write about UX and Japan on Medium.

I am a member of ESOMAR, the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research, and a UX professional certified by the Nielsen Norman Group.

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Work Experience

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Freelance UX Research

I am currently working with domestic and international clients, providing UX research services on a freelance basis.

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UX Education & Events

I volunteer as the Japan Manager for the Interaction Design Foundation and hold monthly educational workshops and study groups in Tokyo.

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