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Japan Market Research

Get help conducting qualitative and quantitative market research in Japan to gain local insights and successfully launch your product in Japan.

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UX Research

Gain insight into the needs and lifestyles of Japanese users.

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Japan Research Facility Rental

Find the perfect research facility to conduct your market or UX research in Japan

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Japanese User Recruiting

Recruit local Japanese users for your research study in Japan.

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UX Localization

Tailor your user experience to meet the needs of Japanese users

Speciality Services

User Interviews

Learn about your Japanese target users and test your hypotheses. I can recruit local users, conduct interviews in Japanese and provide English results.

Usability Testing

Test your localized product with Japanese users. I can facilitate online or in person usability testing in Japanese and provide English suggestions for product teams.

Concept Testing

Not sure if your product would be a fit for Japanese users? I can get you real insights through concept testing with local users.

UX Workshops

Need to align your teams about your Japan strategy? I ca conduct workshops to educate about local users and analyze research results.

Why consider the Japanese market for your product?

After China and the US, Japan has the third highest app store revenue in the world, in addition to having one of the highest smartphone penetration rates. This makes the country a lucrative market for developers worldwide.

But entering the market isn’t easy. The Japanese app market looks quite different to those in Western countries, with home grown apps often more popular than their overseas equivalents. Before launching your product in Japan, it is essential that you see how your product fares compared to local competitors, and have your service tested by Japanese users to determine how much localization is required.

With experience working on some of Japan’s most successful home grown apps, LINE and Mercari, I can give you insight into how to tailor your product to Japanese audiences and succeed in the lucrative Japanese market.


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