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Gain insight into the needs and lifestyles of Japanese users.

I can help you conduct UX research in Japanese to validate your hypotheses with local users.

User Interviews

Learn about the lifestyles and motivations of Japanese users, and hear first hand their thoughts about your product. I can plan, recruit and execute user interviews in Japanese and provide findings and recommendations in English.

Usability Testing

Already have a localized product but need to test it before launch? I can help you plan tasks, recruit users and facilitate usability tests in Japan. I can provide video footage of user reactions, in addition to heat maps and quantitative analysis of results in English.

Concept Testing

Not sure if your product would resonate with Japanese users? Hear what local users in your target demographic think about your product and discover opportunities to make your product succeed. I can recruit for and conduct concept testing with Japanese users.

Contextual Inquiry

Gain insight into how local users solve problems in their everyday lives with contextual inquiry. This is a great way to discover ways in which Japanese users may use your products differently. I can recruit for and conduct contextual inquiry in Japanese and provide results and recommendations in English.

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