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Project Background:

Working with a cutting edge insurance tech/fintech company using AI to assist in insurance appraisals.

Project Goals:

  1. Understanding the flows and processes that drivers in Japan undertake after experiencing a car accident.
  2. Uncovering pain points related to the insurance claim process.
  3. Understanding what leads to a decision to use car insurance for repairs.
  4. Testing proposed Japanese UI flow


Duration: 2 months

Users Studied: 12 (Qualitative Study)

Team Members: Client Side UX Researcher, Product Designer and Myself (UX researcher) 

Methods: Qualitative User Interviews and Moderated User Tests

Deliverables: Translated Transcripts, Findings & Recommendations Report (Including interview quotes, theme analysis etc.)


1. Client Alignment

  • Held a meeting with the client to understand their goals for the project and review the hypotheses and research plan.
  • Translated screener and discussion guide into Japanese

2. Participant Recruiting

  • Recruited Japanese user test participants through local recruiting partner
  • Individuals who have experienced a car accident recently, and have an account with a certain insurance provider

3. Qualitative User Interviews

  • Conducted two batches of 6 sessions with Japanese users over Zoom, consisting of both user interviews and short users tests where participants tried using the client solution.
  • Client’s Japan team was able to join interviews and observe

4. Analysis and Final Report

  • English transcripts were created for all interviews
  • Results were analyzed by theme to highlight common findings
  • Specific recommendations were provided for localization and improvement of the UI

Selected Findings

Japanese drivers have strong relationships with their car dealerships and prefer to get their repairs done there, regardless of the higher price, as a means of respecting the relationship and ensuring they get high quality repairs.
Insurance companies in Japan often go above and beyond for the customer, contacting and paying repair shops on the customer’s behalf.
Participants had difficulty estimating how much their car repairs were cost, and were excited by the prospect of getting help with this.


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